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What are CC0 NFTs? Detailed NFT Guide for Beginners

The use of CC0 NFTs is rapidly expanding, and they have the potential to revolutionize the world of digital ownership.

CC0 NFTs have given rise to a brand-new class of NFTs and their supporters. In this article, we will explore what CC0 NFTs are, how CCo NFTs work, and their potential applications in various industries.

What is CC0 in NFT?

Let's start by first defining what does CC0 mean in CCo NFTs.

CC0 non-fungible tokens are the equivalent of what open-source software is to programmers.

When NFTs were first introduced, the idea behind them was to safeguard intellectual property and promote digital ownership. The fact that owners of these NFTs retain the IP of their work has benefited numerous projects, including Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks.

CCo in NFTs stands for Creative Commons and the NFTs that fall under the Creative Commons (CC0) license are known as CC0 NFTs. A CC0 dedication allows the owner to fully relinquish all authority over a specific work, effectively releasing it to the public domain.

This means that no permission or attribution is required for anybody to utilize, reproduce, modify, or share the work. This eases the process of accessing the projects. Now, since we have got a brief of what these CC0 NFTs are, let's take a look into some of their real-life applications.

CC0 NFT Projects

The rise of  CC0 projects have enabled artisits to utilize, adapt, and redistribute their art without limitation. Some noteworthy CC0 projects which you are reviewing & using in daily life are:

CrypToadz in NFTs

8-bit-style CrypToadz avatars are created at random and kept on the Ethereum blockchain. Each CryptoAdz character has a special set of characteristics that make them rare and valuable. These characteristics can include attire, accessories, and facial features.


Blitmap In NFTs

Using generative art, which uses algorithms to create one-of-a-kind images based on specified rules and parameters, blitmap NFTs are created. Each Bitmap NFT consists of a collection of pixels that are organized in a particular way to produce a distinctive image.


You can refer to many such projects which are working on the basic concept of CC0, the most famous ones being the Moonbirds as well as the Nouns which we will be discussing in detail later.

Importance of CC0s

The reasons why these CC0s are important are:-

  • Enables authors/creators to use a tool to market their work
  • Facilitates collaboration and exchange
  • Support cultural heritage by spreading it

There are numerous examples of the value of CC0 NFTs. Let's first have a look at the two main projects of NFTs before continuing. Let's begin by talking about CC0 NFT Project called Nouns.

Nouns CC0 NFT Project

With the help of the NFT project "Nouns," consumers can buy and acquire one-of-a-kind digital products, each of which is symbolized by a single word. Smart contracts are used in the Nouns project to control Noun ownership and transfer, which is based on the Ethereum platform. These Smart contracts are one of the key features that will be experienced by you.

A single word, which can be any noun in the English language, serves as the representation for each noun. Words like "unicorn," "rainbow," and "potato" are a few examples of Nouns that have been sold. Each Noun is given a special ID and is kept on the blockchain as an NFT.

The fact that the market demand for every noun affects its price is one of the project's unique characteristics. This means that depending on variables like frequency and popularity, some Nouns may be valued more than others.

Moonbirds CC0 NFT Project

CC0 Moonbirds represents a collection of works that have been made available to the public underneath the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license that features birds in relation to the moon or space.

The CC0 license enables authors or you to give up all ownership and associated rights to their work, thus putting it in the public domain. It implies that no authorization or acknowledgement is required for anyone to copy, reproduce, edit, or share the work.

The phrase "moon birds" could be used by you to describe a wide variety of artistic creations, including paintings, drawings, photos, and even digital renderings. These artworks might show different species of birds, like owls, or crows, and show them in varied moon landscapes, including craters, mountains, or valleys. So, this is a summarized form of what these CC0 Moonbirds are.


CC0 NFTs are a class of cryptocurrency that employs blockchain technology and permits the unrestricted use, duplication, modification, and sharing of works, thereby releasing them into the public domain.

By enabling collaboration and exchange, preserving culture and heritage, and selling their works, CC0 NFTs give authors and creators the ability to market their work. Users can access free media through CC0 projects like Openclipart and Pixabay.

CC0 Nouns and CC0 Moonbirds are the main two CC0 projects that permit the unrestricted use of words or artistic works that feature birds concerning the moon or space.

The value of Creative Commons Zero (CC0) licenses resides in their capacity to foster innovation, make cultural legacy more accessible, and advance a sharing and collaborative culture in the digital era.

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Image Credits: cryptoadz.


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