Everything you need to know about "Veefriends"

NFTs are distinctively created digital identifiers that are primarily stored on the blockchain network to verify the legitimacy of the users.
Riddhi D.
10:26 12th Nov, 2022

They are used in a variety of industries, from the production of images to the purchase of in-game assets, which ultimately creates a diversified NFT ecosystem.

New projects are being launched every now and then to make understanding of the NFT ecosystem easier. You must be knowing about the variety of tokens and projects that NFTs host, whether they are Avatars, Generative arts, etc.

But the current ecosystem needed something which is more exclusive and can contain various traits, these needs were identified by the very well-known entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, popularly known as Gary Vee.

This entrepreneur who is already famous for his "Who’s Who of Web5" launched his NFT project and named it Veefriends.

The basic idea behind Veefriends was to make the project centered around all the traits Gary aspired towards and wanted people to aspire about.

VeeFriends are estimated to contain about 10,225 tokens and mainly a sum of 268 characters, these characters range from Empathetic Elephants to Courageous Cockatoos who are known for the various intrusive names given.

These Veefriends are also supposed to make use of the smart contract technology associated with NFTs so that they can provide value to the ones who own things.

Even though it is such a large number of tokens still each and every single token can be viewed as a ticket to the famous multi-day conference VeeCon, which is supposed to be held over the span of three years (2022, 2023, and 2024) and will be revolving around the various global topics like NFTs, marketing, etc. and the most important thing is that it will be held by the Founder of Veefriends itself.

This must have given you a basic idea about how Veefriends have formed and the idea on which it was built. Now, moving forward with the article, we will take a look into how to buy VeeFriends NFT.

How to buy VeeFriends NFT?

Here are the steps on how to buy a VeeFriends NFT

  • Create your MetaMask Wallet
  • Set up your Open Sea Account (Open Sea is known as one of the biggest NFT marketplaces)
  • Connect your MetaMask Wallet created with the Open Sea Account
  • Buy Ethereum on any of the exchanges (you as investors need the required amount of ETH to buy Veefriends or any other NFT)
  • Now, transfer your purchased amount of ETH to your MetaMask Wallet.
  • Go to Open Sea and search for Veefriends Collection over there and buy the NFT (make sure you double-check the collection you are browsing)
  • Now, head back to your MetaMask and approve the transaction
  • Ta-Da! You have successfully purchased your first Veefriends NFT.

Since the process of buying these NFTs is clear, another question arises on how to keep checking up on these NFTs like which one to buy, and what is the status of the previously bought NFTs.

Relax, you have various options to check such things, one of the best options you will find on the web is the Veefriends Discord Channel, this Veefriends discord channel is a great place for all the Veefriends investors or aspiring investors, it is a great way to interact, learn and stay up to date with everything concerning VeeFriends.

They contain various channels for different categories, which will ultimately help the investors like you in getting information about NFTs. You can join these channels directly by searching about them on the web.

These VeeFriends NFTs were a great success for the talented entrepreneur, hence he summoned to the point of launching an updated version of the NFT, called VeeFriends Series 2.

Vefriends Zelta
Credits to Veefriends

This new series of VeeFriends is supposed to contain 251 characters which include 236 characters from series 1 and 15 newly launched characters.  

In April 2022, the much-awaited VeeFriends Series 2 NFT collection made its debut, beginning with "Friends List" on April 18.

VeeFriends Series 2 debuted soon before the first VeeCon, a yearly three-year Web3 mega-conference designed for Series 1 holders, and about one year after the genesis collection of VeeFriends, which premiered in May 2021.

10,000 coins will be available in total from the Public Mint. Any unminted NFTs that remain after the Friends List advantage period will be added to the General store for Public Mint.

The new Masterpiece of 236 characters, which is up for auction on OpenSea, will also be part of the public mint (official link to come). The new, undisclosed sixth spectacular form of one of the VeeFriends Series 1 characters in Series 2 may only be obtained in this manner. More information is yet to come.

The Veefriends Trading Card Game:

Obtaining the most VeeFriends collector cards is the aim of the trading card game. The sum of each VeeFriends character's AURA, SKILL, and STAMINA is known as their overall SCORE. The overall score is multiplied by a factor determined by the rarity of the card.

Two players begin the game by laying out an equal number of their own cards. Players will face off against each other, turning their VeeFriends cards over one at a time.

The winner is the one who scores their character the highest and gets to keep the other player's card (for good!).

In case of a tie, each player deals themselves 3 cards face down before simultaneously dealing themselves a 4th card face up.

Each card from that round is won by the person holding the highest face-up card. Repeat the preceding procedure if there is a second tie to choose a winner.

All of the cards from that round go to the winner.

The most obvious advantage of VeeFriends is that it has the full backing of Gary Vee and his network. The project has already proved its commitment to providing utility to NFT holders.

Even during the launch, Gary focused on rewarding his supporters rather than opening the gates to celebrities. In fact, he took the grass-roots approach and launched his project on Discord.

Anyway, most Veefriends see the NFT price as a small price to get access to the man himself. Come to think of it, Gary Vee’s net worth is over $200 Million, remember? Who would want to pass this deal? Would you?