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6:23 4th Aug, 2022

What Is An 'xNFT'? The Complete Guide for Newbies

Everyone loves following trends from clothing to investments. Most people decide where to invest and what to follow according to the popularity of that trend.

One such investment trend that has taken the world by storm is cryptocurrency, or simply, crypto. In this article, we'll unravel the phenomenon of xNFTs, a significant development within the cryptocurrency space, focusing on how they are poised to reshape the future of digital assets.

Before diving into xNFTs, let's first understand what are NFTs, or non-fungible tokens?

What is an NFT?

NFT also known as non-fungible tokens are one of the famous cryptography assets, built using the same programming as cryptocurrencies, are unique and irreplaceable. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, NFTs represent ownership of a specific digital item, whether it's art, music, or any digital content. They have gained particular prominence in the world of digital art, offering artists new revenue streams. Moreover, they have garnered trust among investors for their perceived stability and value retention.

What is an NFT? Zelta
Credits to Fayre Labs

NFTs have experienced rapid growth, driven in part by their integration with the Solana blockchain ecosystem. Solana promises a smoother and more stable environment for NFTs, attracting both artists and investors alike. However, despite their growing popularity, NFTs continue to evolve, with planned modifications on the horizon.

What is an xNFT?

Among the ongoing changes in the NFT landscape, one innovation stands out: xNFTs, or Executable NFTs. These emerging tokens are set to redefine the user experience by making it easier to buy, sell, and even create NFTs.

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Credits to codiste

Imagine xNFTs as a virtual App store within the crypto world. Much like your favorite app store, xNFTs aim to provide a seamless one-stop-shop experience for users. This simplifies the process of researching investments and encourages users to explore their options without navigating multiple websites.

xNFTs are not just about convenience; they also introduce a single interface for decentralized apps, making it easier for users to manage their crypto assets. This interface offers streamlined access to NFTs and even facilitates better management of assets like Mango margin Accounts.

The road of NFT seems quite promising instead of the recent downfall in the crypto market and what makes it more interesting and worth watching is the rise of Solana Blockchain within the NFT ecosystem.

How does an xNFT work?

Now we know what an xNFT aims to achieve and how will it affect the crypto world if it matches the expectations of the users. Let us take a brief look at how will the xNFTs work.

At the core of xNFTs lies an operating system called Backpack, which serves as a Web3 wallet. Beyond managing private keys, Backpack offers a personalized touch, giving users more control over their Web3 experience. This decentralized nature empowers users to mold their NFT collections according to their preferences, enhancing their Web3 existence.

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Credits to wearme

The backpack will help the users to modify all the operations they could do with a wallet and also allow them to give it a personal touch. With Backpack, the users will be able to gain more control over the Web3 existence. The nature of the backpack will be decentralized thus, whatever you can imagine, you can implement it through the backpack and thus, you will have full control over how your NFT collection appears.


The journey of xNFTs is just beginning, but the path ahead is filled with possibilities. With the support of influential investors looking to expand the Web3 ecosystem, the space is primed for significant developments in the coming decade.

While we anticipate the launch of new tools and protocols alongside xNFTs, it's clear that the Solana Ecosystem and the broader Web3 space are poised for remarkable growth. Stay tuned for the transformative impact of xNFTs on the world of cryptocurrency.

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