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What is PAAL AI? A Beginner's Guide To Crypto's Chat GPT

Explore PAAL A.I. and its impact on the blockchain world. Discover how to stake $PAAL tokens to earn, set up MyPaal, and learn about PAAL tokenomics.

In the world of blockchain technology, staying ahead of the curve is essential. This is where PAAL A.I. steps in as a reliable guide, equipped with an array of tools and features designed to empower you on your crypto journey, in short Paal AI presents itself as the Chat GPT of crypto.

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What is PAAL AI?

PAAL A.I. is an innovative platform that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to empower users within the dynamic world of blockchain technology.

It offers a suite of tools and features designed to provide comprehensive knowledge, support, and insights tailored to individual users' needs.

PAAL AI is a token based on the Ethereum blockchain. The tokenomics have been explained below.

Tokenomics of $PAAL

The $PAAL token is the utility token for the PAAL AI ecosystem. It offers governance power and staking benefits.

Tokenomics include revenue sharing, with sources of revenue such as whitelisted AI solutions, advertising, trading taxes, and future services.

The allocation of revenue involves the Paal Ecosystem Fund and rewards for stakers. The voting power on governance decisions is proportional to the number of tokens held.

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Below are the technical details associated with $PAAL -

Token Name:
Blockchain Platform:
Total Supply:
1,000,000,000 $PAAL Tokens
4% - buys & sell
1% - Stakers ETH payout [paalecosystemfund.eth]
1% - Marketing [paalmarketing.eth]
1% - Buyback & Burn [paalstaking.eth]
1% - Development [paalteam.eth]

(Source: PAAL AI Whitepaper)

Where to Buy/Swap $PAAL?

$PAAL tokens can be purchased or swapped on several cryptocurrency exchanges. Users are advised to conduct research and choose exchanges that support $PAAL trading.

Who is the founder of PAAL AI?

Although the PAAL AI founders haven’t been specifically outlined, the PAAL AI partners include Google Cloud, OKX and Flooz.

Paal AI partners flooz google cloud okx

How to Stake PAAL AI?

Staking PAAL AI tokens allows users to contribute towards the platform's stability while also earning rewards.

To stake PAAL AI, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the staking platform at
  2. Choose a Staking Pool. Current PAAL AI offer the following pools:
    14 days: 10% of ETH rewards
    28 days: 30% of ETH rewards
    56 days: 60% of ETH rewards
  3. Choose the pool of your choice and Stake.

This interest will be paid out in PAAL tokens and unlock advanced features or services. The more tokens staked, the higher the tier of service that becomes available.

Additionally, depending on the revenue generated the rewards can be claimed either weekly or bi-weekly.

(Learn more about: What is Staking?)

What are the uses of PAAL AI?

PAAL AI has a good range of powerful features which include:

Adaptive Chatbot:

Provides tailored responses based on users' unique needs and preferences.

Custom AI Training:

Allows users to train AI models with their datasets for specialised chatbots.

Multimodal AI:

Processes information from text, images, audio, and videos.

Continuous Learning:

The AI algorithms stay updated with developments in the industry.

Regulatory Compliance:

Adheres to data privacy and security standards.

White-label Solutions:

It enables businesses to create customised AI solutions.

Collaborative Platform:

Promotes community that aims at innovating.

What are the tools offered by PAAL AI?

PAAL AI also offers some tools for enhancing user experience. These PAAL AI tools include:


Crypto-focused AI for answering market related questions, summarising charts, and sentiment analysis.


Offers autonomous AI research, insights, and analysis capabilities.

AutoPaal X:

Currently under development, Auto PaalX combines features of MyPaal and AutoPaal with added lightning-fast trading, limit order, and private transactions. It will also be used for revenue sharing with $PAAL stakers.

Conquering Social Media with AI Bots

Telegram and Discord enthusiasts, rejoice! PAAL AI is on its way to revolutionise social media interactions by introducing custom AI bots. These bots, powered by advanced AI, provide 24/7 top-notch customer support.

You get to choose how to train the bots and then these AI bots take charge and follow your set instructions. Who knew crypto could be this user-friendly?

How to setup MyPaal?

Setting up MyPaal involves a few steps:

  1. Add the MyPaal bot to your Telegram groupGrant admin permissions to the bot.
  2. Set a welcome message using the /addwelcome@MyPaalBot command.
  3. Use commands like /welcome@MyPaalBot "on" or "off" to control the welcome message.
  4. Preview the current welcome message with /prevwelcome@MyPaalBot.
  5. To reset the welcome message, use the /resetwelcome@MyPaalBot command.

In a Nutshell

PAAL AI is more than just a chatbot! It is your guide to navigating the complexities of blockchain and digital assets. With tools like MyPaal, AI bots, and the power of $PAAL tokens, users are armed with a toolkit that empowers them to conquer the crypto world.

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