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AI Crypto Coins Explained

AI and crypto are growing fast and merging to create AI coins. These coins simplify applying AI to decentralised networks, improving banking and healthcare.

As well as we can say that cryptocurrencies have been in existence for more than ten years but a new generation of digital assets called AI crypto coins has only simply come into being.

These coins are aimed at enhancing a variety of industries as mentioned above by utilizing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

In this blog, we'll study in more detail about AI crypto coins and tokens, their uses, the top 5 AI tokens available right now and how they are reshaping the crypto and AI industries. Now, let’s get started and first understand what these AI crypto coins are.

What are AI Crypto Coins?

Digital assets known as AI coins utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence to enhance their functionality.

Just like popular digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, these tokens also rely on blockchains. However, they come with enhanced capabilities that enable them to operate independently and intelligently.

These functionalities are the main reason for attracting you as a trader.

AI Crypto Coins Zelta
Credits to CryptoSlate

AI algorithms are utilized in AI cryptocurrencies to carry out functions including decision-making, picture recognition, natural language processing, and predictive analysis.

These coins have the potential to enhance speed, reduce costs, and ensure security in various fields, including finance, medicine, and security.

This must have given you a reasonable surfacing for the popularity of these coins.

AI Crypto vs. Artificial Intelligence Coin

Even though the phrases Artificial Intelligence Coin (AIC) and AI Crypto are often used similarly, they both have diverse meanings.

AI Crypto is actually a team that created a unique coin called Artificial Intelligence Coin, however, the term "AI crypto" is used to describe any cryptocurrency that makes use of artificially intelligent technology to enhance its features.

This basic yet significant difference marks the need & use of both these coins.

AI Crypto tokens

A subtype of AI crypto coins called AI crypto tokens is used as a medium of exchange or as a form of payment within a particular ecosystem.

These types of tokens are typically developed using popular public blockchains like Ethereum.

Their purpose is to facilitate faster transactions within a specific ecosystem.

For example, the SingularityNET ecosystem, a decentralised marketplace for AI services, uses the AI cryptocurrency SingularityNET as a medium of exchange. The token is used to pay for AI services from multiple network providers.

This was a lot about the technical sophisticated knowledge, moving ahead the examples will give you better insights about these tokens.

Top 5 Crypto AI Tokens in 2023: (FET)

With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, builds a distributed system of autonomous entities that are capable of performing tasks like predictions, collaboration, and interaction.

The goal of is to develop an accessible platform that permits distributed machine learning to raise the efficiency and effectiveness of a wide range of industries, like power, management of supply chains, and transport. (FET) Zelta
Credits to

Cross networks and blockchain-based are used by to build a decentralised network that can execute tasks on its own.

Because the agents in the ecosystem are smart and capable of learning from their errors, the network will eventually become more successful.

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Numerai (NMR)

A cryptocurrency powered by artificial intelligence called Numerai utilizes machine learning methodologies to build stock market forecasting models.

No matter their background, everyone can engage in the capital markets due to Numerai's decentralised hedge fund.

Numerai Zelta
Credits to NUMERAI

Those who assist to develop these predictive models are rewarded with the NMR currency. According to Numerai's business plan, users can enter a competition and submit their best-predicting models to win $NMR Tokens.

The way the money system is addressed by Numerai is distinctive since it is decentralised and public. Everybody could view the platform's transparency and the real-time performance of the prediction models.

SingularityNET (AGI)

A decentralised marketplace for AI services, the SingularityNET environment uses the AI cryptocurrency SingularityNET as a medium of trade.

By building a distributed network that enables AI users and developers to communicate directly with one another and cut out middlemen, SingularityNET wants to empower access to AI.

SingularityNET Zelta
Credits to SingularityNET

The AGI token can be utilized to pay for AI services from different network providers. Holders of AGI can invest their tokens in the network and contribute, earning rewards for improving the ecosystem.

The goal of SingularityNET is to establish an ecosystem of Ai systems that can collaborate and work together on challenging tasks.

With the help of this network, advanced AI models that improve a variety of businesses can be created from finance to healthcare.

Cortex (CTXC)

An AI cryptocurrency called Cortex employs machine learning techniques to improve blockchain functionality.

Cortex wants to establish a decentralised Ai system that allows developers to create and use artificially Intelligent algorithms on blockchains.

Cortex Zelta
Credits to Cortex

Within the Cortex ecosystem, the CTXC token is used to speed up operations like the purchasing and selling of Digital assistants.

Owners of CTXC can invest their tokens in the platform and participate, receiving rewards for improving the ecosystem.

The distinguishing characteristic of Cortex's strategy for AI and blockchain is that it is focused on creating a distributed platform that enables developers to develop and use AI models natively on the network.

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)

The distributed sharing and commercialization of data is made possible by the AI currency Ocean Protocol.

Ocean Protocol seeks to create a market for data wherein information suppliers can trade their data to consumers directly, cutting out middlemen.

Ocean Zelta
Credits to Ocean Protocol

Inside the Ocean Protocol ecosystem, operations like data sales and purchases are made simpler by means of the OCEAN token.

Holders of OCEAN currencies may invest their tokens to participate in the system and profit from prizes for improving the ecosystem.

A safe and open market for data has indeed been established by Ocean Protocol using Bitcoin technology as well as smart contracts.

The platform is made to work with different AI tools, allowing users to build sophisticated AI models that really can improve a variety of industries, including healthcare and finance.


In conclusion, investing in and developing AI cryptocurrency is a promising direction for the sector. These currencies make use of artificial intelligence to give various blockchain applications more functionality, security, and efficiency. They provide distinct value propositions and advantages over conventional cryptocurrencies.

Although the sector is still developing, there is a lot of promise for AI crypto currencies to change how we use blockchain technology. In the years to come, it will be fascinating to watch how these currencies develop and expand.

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