Zelta ( is an intermediary service Platform that provides its users with digital asset trading and related services.

We take all required steps to prohibit money laundering and any activities that facilitate the financing of terrorism or other criminal activities.  

By visiting our website; you are accepting and consenting to the terms and conditions stated in this AML/KYC policy.

These Terms & Conditions shall regulate the relationship between the following two parties:

I. Zelta, Zelta Global (also referred to as the Company, platform, site. website, we, us, our, or as appropriate)

II. Any person being either a natural person or a legal entity (also referred to as the Client, user, you, your, yourself, or as appropriate), who has successfully opened an account on or and agreed to the current terms and conditions during the registration process.

The main purpose of these policies is to effectively combat money laundering and terrorist financing (AML/CTF) on Zelta through accurate user verification and cautiously monitoring user transactions and transfers.

We will identify and stop transactions that are primarily intended to conceal the criminal source of money, finance illegal conduct, or engage in other illegal behavior, rather than just buying or selling cryptocurrencies.

For the purposes of this policy, money laundering is typically understood as engaging in actions intended to hide or mask the true sources of proceeds obtained via illegal activity so that the illicit proceeds appear to have come from legal sources or to be legitimate assets. Our basic AML rules include but are not limited to;

  • Zelta currently does not support any Fiat currency trading pairs. In the future even if there are any Fiat currencies added, Zelat would never directly deal in cash i.e. accepting cash trades, cash deposits or cash withdrawals in any cases.
  • Zelta does not allow any third party deposits on user’s accounts, nor do we permit managing the account on behalf of somebody else, joint accounts or shared accounts etc.
  • Zelta strictly shall never make any exception in the field of documentation required from users.
  • Zelta reserves the right to refuse the processing of the user’s transactions at anytime, uncer the suspicion of the AML/KYC policies.
  • Zelta is not obliged to inform the users, if we report their activities or transactions as suspicious to the relevant authorities.
  • Zelta does not permit accounts or transactions for citizens and residents of the restricted countries, countries where transactions are prohibited by international sanctions or their internal laws

We are committed to prevent any money laundering activities through our services by:

  • Identifying, monitoring any kind of suspicious transactions.
  • Maintaining all transaction records for a minimum of 5 years after the termination of our
  • contractual relationships with our users.
  • Training our personnel to spot suspicious activity and comply with all reporting requirements.
  • Depending on the client's location, alert the authorities about any suspicious activity.
  • Performing additional KYC verification, re-KYC verification as and when necessary.
  • Restricting any suspicious transactions.

As per the company AML/KYC policies, you as a user will be obliged;

  • To respect and adhere to all laws, domestic and foreign, aimed at combating illegal commerce, financial scams, washing and legislation of money received illegally.
  • To prevent any use of our website or services that would constitute direct or indirect participation in unlawful financial activities or any other criminal activity.
  • To warrant and guarantee a legal origin, legal ownership of the use of any cryptocurrency and all other type of asses/funds/money transferred onto and off Zelta.

To prevent money laundering and/or financing of terrorism, as well as any transaction or activity that facilitates such activities, the Company reserves the right to conduct "Know Your Customer" (KYC) and/or "Anti-money laundering/Counter-terrorist Financing" (AML/CTF) checks and procedures on Clients.

  • Even though the platform permits facilitation of crypto transactions without the need for KYC, there are limits that are monitored and updated from time to time.
  • Zelta has the right to update the withdrawal limits or halt withdrawals for non-KYC users at any time without the need to provide advance notification to the users.
  • We are obliged to identify, beyond a reasonable doubt, the identity of persons enabled to do transactions on our exchange, hence, Zelta has the right to freeze an account based on any suspicious activities and ask the account owner to complete the KYC in order to unflag the account.
  • Zelta has the right to ask for additional KYC documentation and re-KYC as and when required. In case of any doubts, our customer support team will contact you to explain any concerns and solve the issues that arose.
  • For suspicious accounts, if we cannot determine, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the documents you provided belong to you and are the authentic we won’t be able to let you execute any transactions.
  • For Enterprise accounts KYC is mandatory and the procedure is different as compared to that of our retail users. In case of all legal entities (companies), the procedure is more stringent and depends on the company’s structure, country, etc.

When your trade volumes rise, we may need to carry out higer due diligence, subject to a case to case basis. The same can also happen in cases of accounts on which transactions are marked as “flagged” . In such cases the company has the right to ask for additional documentation that may also include residence proof, source of funds, occupation/business proof etc.

The Company reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Client's access to his or her account at Zelta in the event of any suspicion (at the Company's sole discretion) of the User's fraudulent activity or operation (whether in the past or at the present time) with any cryptocurrencies or any other currency or any type of assets, funds, or money. Under such a scenario, the company reserves the right to:

  • Ceasing to provide the users with all or any of our services without any prior notice.
  • Freeze the funds in the suspicious user’s account.
  • Cancel results of any operations performed by the Client.
  • At the Company's sole discretion, it may look into any doubtful Client operations and suspend them until an explanation of their legal justification.
  • Ask for additional documentation pertaining to an account that is under investigation, to prove the user’s legal possession and legal source of any funds or cryptocurrencies.
  • Report any suspicious activities or accounts to the relevant authorities.

The Company reserves the right to review and/or amend its Anti-Money Laundering and KYC Policy, at its sole discretion, whenever it deems fit or appropriate, without any prior notice to the Client.