Siddhartha D.
12:54 28th Dec, 2023

Donald Trump Reveals His New MugShot NFT Trading Cards

Former President Donald Trump's NFT debut sparks fascination and scepticism. The release of the 'Mugshot Edition' marks another highlight in Trump's NFT story.

This article aims to dissect Trump's newest NFT collection, explore its implications for the market, and analyze the strategies employed to attract buyers. We'll also check out the successes and challenges from Trump's earlier NFT projects to understand how they shape the future of digital collectables.

Understanding Trump’s "Mugshot Edition":

Trump's "Mugshot Edition" NFTs are minted on the Polygon network, each valued at $99. The collection draws inspiration from Trump's legal woes in Georgia, prominently featuring the controversial mugshot.

These digital trading cards, with their cartoonish depictions, present a unique artistic interpretation of the former president, aimed at engaging his supporters and collectors within the NFT community.

Incentives and Unique Offerings:

A distinct feature of the "Mugshot Edition" is the incentives offered to potential buyers. Purchasers of 47 NFT cards in a single transaction, totalling $4,653 before fees, are promised a physical trading card containing a piece of the suit Trump wore during his mugshot.

This marketing strategy touts the suit remnants as "The Most Historically Significant Artifact in United States History."

Additionally, bulk buyers of 100 cards with cryptocurrency in a single transaction are promised an even more exclusive trading card featuring a piece of Trump's suit and a sliver of his mugshot tie, some also claim that the exclusive card is personally signed by the man himself, Donald Trump.

Market Dynamics and Past Performance of Trump’s NFTs:

Trump's previous NFT collections experienced a mixed reception. While initial sales soared, the secondary market witnessed sharp declines in value.

The Series 2 cards, released earlier, faced a 34% price drop within hours of release, falling substantially from their initial asking price of $99 to just $61.

Current data reveals fluctuations in the prices of previous NFTs, with some rebounding from significant drops. The newest NFTs can't be transferred until December 31, which adds an interesting twist.

This gives creators the chance to shape how valuable people think they are. Approximately 8,000 cards have been minted, leaving uncertainties regarding their potential sell-out before the year-end deadline.


Donald Trump's venture into NFTs continues to captivate the market and raise questions about the sustainability of his success in the digital collectables space. The "Mugshot Edition" presents both an artistic expression and a marketing strategy that aims to entice buyers. However, the volatile nature of the NFT market and past fluctuations in value signal challenges ahead. As the digital collectables landscape evolves, the future trajectory of Trump's NFT endeavours remains a topic of keen interest, shaping discussions within the broader crypto community.

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