Riddhi D.
11:29 14th Dec, 2023

Best Crypto Exchange Affiliate Programs of 2024

In the dynamic crypto world, investors and creators capitalize on market trends and leverage major exchange affiliate programs for passive income.

The cryptocurrency market, valued at an impressive $2.48 trillion, has witnessed substantial growth since its inception. As projections hint at a potential ascent to $5 trillion in the forthcoming cryptocurrency bull market, affiliate marketers have a unique opportunity to capitalize on this burgeoning industry.

Let’s go ahead and check out some cool crypto exchange affiliate programs and what they have to offer


Coinbase, a household name in the crypto world, takes the lead with its robust affiliate program. Offering a compelling 50% commission on trading fees for the first 3 months, it provides an enticing opportunity for affiliate marketers. With a straightforward application process and efficient tracking features, Coinbase sets the standard in the crypto exchange affiliate arena.


KuCoin stands out as one of the most popular global cryptocurrency exchanges, boasting a user base that rivals the industry's giants. Its affiliate program rewards marketers with 30-50% of trading fees from referred users. With over 16,000 affiliates already benefiting from this program, KuCoin provides a reliable and lucrative option for those looking to monetize their crypto-related content.


For affiliates targeting users engaged in spot, futures, and option trading, Bybit's affiliate program offers an outstanding 50% commission. Furthermore, the program extends its earning potential by providing a 10% commission on users referred by affiliates. Bybit's approach to affiliate rewards reflects its commitment to fostering a mutually beneficial relationship with its partners.


Zelta, with its user-friendly platform supporting over 250 cryptocurrencies, presents a compelling affiliate program. Offering a substantial 80% commission on trade fees from customers who sign up via the affiliate link which is the highest we have ever seen any exchange offer to date. They also offer a 5% commission on the cryptocurrencies staked by your affiliate users.


Paxful, known for its peer-to-peer Bitcoin marketplace, has crafted an affiliate program that stands out. Affiliates earn a generous 50% of exchange fees when their referred customers purchase Bitcoin. What sets Paxful apart is its unique feature – affiliates receive a 10% commission when tier 2 referred users make Bitcoin transactions. This distinctive element allows affiliates to build a network and maximize their earnings.

Crypto exchange affiliate programs


In conclusion, the crypto affiliate landscape presents a dynamic and rewarding terrain. Affiliates are encouraged to conduct thorough due diligence, align programs with their audience's needs, and foster a symbiotic relationship for mutual benefit. The crypto space's evolution parallels that of affiliate marketing, offering increasingly sophisticated and lucrative avenues for those ready to seize the opportunity.


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